My 2019 Resolution

What’s up gentlemen,

2018, it was a tough year for me. 2018 was a rough man. There was a lot of toxic energy around. And it was hard for me. I don’t know about you but it was a tough year.

I am very very happy though 2019 is on here. I love new year. I know it’s just like another day but, it feels like you got a new chance to start over and 2019 I am really excited. I feel like it’s got the best year for me personally, I feel like the best year for you.

in order for that to happen, we got a make sure few things are in line.

I would like to talk about 5 new year resolution that I making and I think you should make too.

Must have a resolution for 2019.

Making Myself Happy

I am not going to care about what other people think for me I am really focused on making me happy. In 2018 I care a lot I think too much what other people thought of me. And I don’t think it was healthy. I think I need to focus more on making my self happy doing what feels right for me and being ok.

2019 is about me. It’s about being selfish in a good way.

the second resolution I am making for 2019 is I am going to take care of myself emotionally and what this means. I am going forgive myself I am going to forgive other people for doing me wrong and I am going to forgive myself for not being to achieve or doing certain things I know I should have. We can’t carry the baggage we can’t carry those stuff again in 2019. I will be leaving it in 2018.

On 2019 I wanna be happy I wanna be right with myself emotionally and spiritually and the only way I can do that we can move forward is if we forgive ourselves and forgive others and just the side we wanna be happy because the end of the day it’s about us. Remember no 1 is being selfish responsibly.

Physically Strong

No3 is all about taking care of myself physically. I am going to start and continue to do physical exercises for this whole year. This is for me. Also, I am not going to drink too much or try to leave it because drinking a lot makes you feel like crap. It decreases your motivation makes you feel bad about yourself. There are lots of surprising things that happen to me when I quit drinking past few months.

Spend More time with Family and Loved ones

The fourth resolution I am making this year is spent more time with people we love and care. No time for toxic people now. They were in 2018 now no more on 2019. I am going to be happy this year and get rid of all the toxic energy of my life. I will be spending more time with the people that I live and they are going to be there when I need. Who don’t care if I look weird or if I got issues no matter what they love me.

and at the end of the day, that’s what it is about it’s about friendship and love.

Being Nicer to People

Finally last certainly not least fifth resolution every single one of you including myself need to make is 2019 I am going to be nicer to people I am going to do what I can to be nicer to people. I am gonna treat people better. I am also going to try help more people because at the end of the day I truly feel that if you wanna experience happiness like never before. Help people. It is something that changes your life it changes your brain. It makes you feel incredible. It feels good.


That’s all Gentleman, I hope you do have made good resolution for 2019. Cheers!!

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