How to Optimize Website Speed in 2019

How to Optimize Website Speed

Speed or load time of a website is very important. An optimized website helps rank higher in a search result, drives traffic and improves your visitor’s overall experience. Visitors gets frustrated if they have to wait for a long time to load your website and may close your website tab. So website should be optimized for speed too. so, now you know haveing the fast website is very important.

Now, the question arises how exactly do you speed it up? or what are the things that can be done to speed up the website? It is not as complex as you might think. I will tell you six simple things which will help you speed your website easily. so, let’s get started on how to optimize website speed?

Six simple things to optimize website speed

Remove unnecessary files and plugins:

A website just like anything. It works and looks better if it is organized and if there are no unwanted and unnecessary things. so get rid or spam or old files which you are not using anymore and are no longer required. Also delete unnecessary themes and plugins too. and do this thing on regular basis every month.



Regular Update:

Keep your themes and plugins updated as well as the WordPress too. Up to date plugins, themes and WordPress will keep your site secure, more efficient and improves stability too. Also, before choosing any new themes and plugins make sure you do your homework like, how many times the plugin or theme is downloaded, are the people leaving good reviews, how often the now version being released you can check it in the catalog.  These basic things help you lot to identify resources which are likely to help your website and you will get best themes and plugins too.



Things to Consider Before you Update any WordPress Plugin


let’s get to basic of caching first. Caching is the process by which certain files of the website are stored within the visitor’s browser for future use. so that visitors don’t have to download all files of the website each time they visit your website. The caching files will be static and which doesn’t get changed frequently. You can install a plugin like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache which will help to set things up. This plugin will clearly define which file should and should not be cached. Thus deliver and load your website faster to the returning visitors.


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Embed Media from other Source:

Most web servers are simply not designed to store and deliver media files to your visitors. Using media files directly from server slows down your website and makes visitors frustrated. so upload the videos, audios, and pictures you want to use to services designed to use for that purpose. For example, upload videos to YouTube and Embed and use iframe code within your page. It looks just like you have uploaded a video just to your site and it loads a lot faster than before. For audio, you can use a service such as soundcloud and for images, you can use flicker. In some condition, you might want to upload photos directly to your site. Images can be the major trigger for slowing your website down so that’s in no 5.

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Optimize images:

When you have to upload media directly to your site. For audio only use compress media files such as MP3. For images, you should not only compress your files also make sure to specify their size. When a visitor come to your website their browser has to determine how exactly to display your images. If you haven’t specified the size of images the browser has to calculate itself. which takes time. Thus to speed up the process you have to specify the proper dimension. Great media can make the website more engaging and look great. Thus don’t let it be the reason your traffic leaves.

optimize website speed

Right hosting:

The important tip for maintaining speedy site is choosing the right hosting solution. This is an important one. You can do everything to make your website fast. but if the server hosting your site is under powered your website will still suffer. so be sure to seletc the right hosting which not only provides plenty of resources like CPU and RAM also let you easily add more your requirements as your traffic increases. Your host should also provide the flexibility. If you have a problem choosing right one. I provide you the best of best at the resonable price which my most of the clients are using and they are fully satisfied with it. I use and provide Dedicated Cloud Host. which provides just the right amount of power to guarantee your site delivers fast.


web hosting

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