Types of Domain in Cpanel

There are various types of domain names and each domain name can be assigned to one of the several settings. If you are starting for the first time with your hosting account. These are the options which might be confusing to you. They are:

  • Primary Domain
  • Parked Domain
  • Addon Domain
  • Sub Domain

In this article, I am going to explain different settings for each of this Domains so you will know, What They Mean? and How To Use Them?

Primary Domain:

This is you might call as your main domain name. It’s the domain which is used to create your Hosting Account. This is the domain which is used to log in to your CPanel e.g www.wplearningplus.com/cpanel. Also, this primary domain is a sign to use public_html directory from the file manager. and every hosting account has one domain assigned to as primary domain at any given time.


Parked Domain (Aliases):

These are domains that are setup to point to the same website as of your primary domain. The parked definition is really useful if you have one website and several different domains to point to it. For e.g www.wplearningplus.com might be our primary domain and website and we might also want to register www.wplearningplus.net, www.wplearningplus.net, www.wplearningplus.org, www.wplearningplus.com.np etc and point them all to the same domain i.e www.wplearningplus.com so, in this situation the parked domain are used. Afer you add the list of your parked domain or Aliases you can redirect them to the main domain or addon domain which is similar.


Addon Domain:

These domains are hosted and managed from your main hosting account. but, they each link to the separate website. Addon domain is used when creating a completely separate website on your account with its own unique domain name. The addon domain is about how you can easily host and manage multiple websites from one hosting account. It is similar to your primary domain but, as there can only be one primary domain so if you want to host another website form same hosting account you can use this feature to install and host another domain form the same account.


Sub Domain:

These are created when prefix are added to any of the domain name your own and host. like if we add hosting before our domain ie. www.hosting.wplearnignplus.com then this becomes our sub domain. This is the great way to structure your site and create sub websites which you may need and are linked under the same name.


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