Six Basic website security tips in 2019

Six basic website security tips

Security breaches are every website user nightmare. whether it is the hacker attacking your website, your customer information being stolen, even spam occupying your inbox. No site owner wants to deal with such hassle and delay of cleaning out spam messages and comments. So what should be done to prevent these things from happening in the first place? The best time to apply security is before any of this happens to your website. or as soon as you develop your website.

Here are the six basic website security tips you can do which I have been doing to protect your website now.

Install an SSL Certificate:

Consider installing SSL certificate. SSL Certificate encrypts data and transfers limit to and from your website. Which means credit card no, passwords, email address, phone no. any pieces of information which your visitors don’t want to revealed or feel protected. In order word, SSL is like a privacy envelope which is encrypted that protects the information inside as its deliver to and from your site. This encrypted secured envelope can only be opened by the intended person and no one else in between the person. An SSL certificate not only protects your visitors. Also, makes visitor or customer feel safe to keep coming back.

website security tips


Use Captcha:

To keep protect your site from spam comments and bot attacks just take advantage of CAPTCHA. AS CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turning Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. You have definitely seen the captcha in action. You know the jumble words or images stored in numbers you have to decipher before submitting a form that’s what captcha is. Those simple test of humanity prevents lots of bots from automatically submitting forms or harvesting email addresses. So, if you want to protect your site from unwanted signup for a newsletter and unnecessary message CAPTCHA is a great way to stop spammers. The Captcha I recommend and I mostly use is Google Captcha.

Shield Website Against Malware:

Shield your website against Malware protects your site from hackers and hacking attempts. When you imagine when you are hacked you might imagine a black screen with laughing skull in cross bones. but in reality, hackers want your site infected for as long as possible before you might notice and without letting you know. so that they might get enough time to steal valuable data from your website. So, it’s very important to shield your site with Malware protection. which scans your site for malware daily and automatically removes you saving you the time and worry and protecting your sites from hackers. The plugin I  mostly refer and use is Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening.


Keep Plugin Up-to-date: 

Frequently updating plugins and themes absolutely protects your website from hackers and threats. Running old plugins and themes is like driving an old car which doesn’t have the latest security also affects your website speed and performance. Security is been constantly updated each time each plugin and themes are released so you want to make sure you are up to date with latest speed and security. Also only install only those plugin which has largest number of downloads and has a higher review.

website security tips

Use Secure Location:

Only access your site from secure location if possible only try to access only from your PC. Viruses, Malware and Keylogger which are surveillance software that records what you type. later hacker accesses those keys and even change your email and password or even can access your files when you are accessing them from the insecure platform.


Unique Password:

Last but nor least simply choose and use unique and recommended password either from password generator. Good passwords are long at least minimum of 12 characters it should use the combinations of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters and unique signs and symbols too. You shouldn’t use the same password for your email, facebook, website account. Try to keep it unique.

A secured site will save you from unnecessary worry and time. So, just take a moment review this simple six tips above and ask youself. Am I doing everything I can to protect my website now? If now, start right now and if you need any help I am always here for you.


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